Emotet File Drop While Debugging

In doing some dynamic analysis on the latest Emotet samples, I was running into an issue getting the persistent copy of the malware to execute. In its normal flow of execution, Emotet will drop itself into C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local and make a call to CreateProcessW to continue execution. I was unable to break on CreateProcessW. Instead, the code would terminate.

It turns out Emotet was making a call to SHFileOperationW to do the file drop. SHFileOperationW takes a structure named _SHFILEOPSTRUCTA.

typedef struct _SHFILEOPSTRUCTA {
  HWND         hwnd;
  UINT         wFunc;
  PCZZSTR      pFrom;
  PCZZSTR      pTo;
  BOOL         fAnyOperationsAborted;
  LPVOID       hNameMappings;
  PCSTR        lpszProgressTitle;

Here is the structure in memory.

As you can see the wFunc param is set to 01 or FO_MOVE. The result was C0000043 (STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION). This was causing an issue because my debugger had a handle on the file preventing the move from occurring. I needed to change the value to FO_COPY or 02 to copy the file instead. With this the code continued execution as expected.

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